Love story:

This is a fully rotary love story on October 10 2012 Fred attended a rotary project fair in Guayaquil- Ecuador Karin attend this fair too and try to help all the foreigners... Fred invite her for dinner, Karin decided to take the opportunity to get some help for the projects of her club ... Long story we met each other and like us a lot .. I looked into the pool of her beautiful eyes and light laugh and immediately knew we had to get to know each other. Fred return 3 weeks later ..and then Lima in a month and valentines and a lot of skype ...Flying home on a plane I watched a movie and something in the movie told me I was destined to spend my life with this wonderful woman and to my joy she felt the same as I did when I asked..So we will live happily ever after. Because we enjoy each other and the adventure of life. With common bond in our goals and outlook no life towards others.

Karin is member of Rotary Club Quito Valle interoceanico, Fred is member and president of Rotary Pa Beaver Club 2013 - 2014.

El encuentro de dos personas es como el contacto de dos sustancias químicas: si hay alguna reacción, ambas se transforman.


About Karin

Karin Schneewind Tosi


Architect –designer –lighting and color specialist- artist –everything with creativity Nature fan – ecologist- love cooking but only with fresh and natural ingredients

Loves being in family and enjoying care and traditions - loves life and her friends-loves her clients loves cinema and cultural events - sings in the voces cantantes choir –does mountain bike and hiking.


About Fred

Frederick Segal


Metallurgic engineer – artist - broadcasting – Inventor - Writer of commercials - Entreprenaur - Loves good cooking - good taste – punctuality- and is very patient.

hockey Pens and football steelers fan- Collector of Model trains and Loves to build displays.. Loving father of All three of His Children.